Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2016 - The Most Top Rated, Reviews & Comparison.

best portable Bluetooth speakers reviews

Welcome to best portable Bluetooth speaker reviews, which is one of the best review sites, giving you updated info on everything you need to know on portable Bluetooth speakers and more. The occupational hazard of jumping on a Bluetooth speaker you feel might be “the one” most often than not, end up in people making the wrong choice, either because of a missing feature or an unexpected price.

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It’s old story that there’s a sea of Bluetooth speakers in the market and you would in no way be wasting time by having a trusted review site where together we compare and contrast devices, we take a more in-depth look at them, and most importantly, we tell you what we feel about them since that’s what we are here for you. Our guide would definitely not convince or confuse you into purchasing any product (Since, unlike some review sites, we aren’t paid to say a device is better than another when in truth, it actually isn’t). We only help your decision by encouraging or discouraging you on any device you’re already probably contemplating paying for.

There are speakers and there are Bluetooth speakers. For those who are more meticulous buyers, let’s take the ride together. There are lot of factors that we implement like algorithms to arrive at our conclusions, like you would soon see for yourself in a short while, but if you’re about purchasing one of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2016 and you stumbled on this site, then everything happens for a reason. Before parting ways with your hard earned cash, there are a few things to consider in Bluetooth speakers.

Things to Consider in Bluetooth Speakers, Before You Decide To Buy One For Yourself

Sound Quality

9 times out of 10, the sound quality of a speaker is what is used to judge it. It’s very understandable, especially to tech persons, that sometimes, to maintain overall performance, quality like the volume is restrained a bit but one of the things anyone would logically check for, after picking up a Bluetooth speaker is the quality of the sound it produces.


The design of a Bluetooth speaker can go a long way in determining if it’s being carefully crafted out or if it’s looking like an alien device. Sometimes, the design of a Bluetooth speaker is enough to put off some potential buyer.


There is a reason you are not buying wired bigger sound speakers and instead going for a Bluetooth speaker. You want them to be portable. So keep in mind, things like weight and size. Also keep in mind that the size of a device is in no way related to its performance.


Bluetooth speakers can serve you from anywhere from 30 feet to even 100, 200 or even 300 feet distance. Make sure you get the one that gives you the range you need, as just this feature, as insignificant as it might seem, is the determining factor for a section of Bluetooth speaker buyers.

Special Features

 Some Bluetooth speakers come with some accessories, some will give you the option to connect through a wire, which is a good alternative for devices that doesn’t support Bluetooth. Some come with extra grille cover, while some comes with double accessories. Having a device with special features might be some much needed bonus for making the supposedly right decision.


Not all Bluetooth devices have color variety. The decision is at the discretion of the production company. If you want funky or colorful devices, make sure you choose the ones that give you color options when purchasing. If not, you might be stuck to a color for the long haul which might be something of a big deal to you.

Batteries & Battery Life

This is also one of the most important determining factors for many buyers. How long do I need to charge the device? What is the duration of the device’s playback time? Are the batteries replaceable? Although many Bluetooth devices have super lasting batteries, of course some are not to be compared to others.

With all said and done, let’s quickly, for a start, take a sneak peek at our best Bluetooth speakers so far for 2016, using the above criteria to judge and we've come to an inconclusive conclusion. However, here are our top picks for the year 2016.

Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers For 2016 Compared

FUGOO Sport Speaker LOGITECH UE Boom-2 BOSE SoundLink III (3)
Rating on Amazon 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5) 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5) 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Battery Life40 hours15 hours 14 hours
Weight1.1 lb 1.2 lb 3.03 lb


20 Top-Rated Bluetooth Speakers of 2016

the Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM-1500

Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM-1500

There must be the least even among the best, and the Samsung Radiant360 can conveniently occupy that spot. The sound quality is very ok, (not great for its price but acceptable) and it has some really cool features to make user experience easier than is the case in many other Bluetooth speakers.

the Bose SoundTouch 30

Bose SoundTouch 30

It might distort a little at higher volumes, but the Bose SoundTouch 30 is a very brilliant device for its price and size. The sound quality is especially commendable at medium volumes and the sound covers more distance than most other Bluetooth speakers.

the JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2

With its unique design and shape, the device is wired to give out a surround sound and does just that at an amazing quality. What’s more? It’s also dust, sand and water resistant, making it not just one of the best speakers but also one of the most durable.

the Klipsch Groove

Klipsch Groove

While some buyers think the Klipsch groove is overpriced, this incredibly sounding device is just the right device at $150 price range. The speaker sound way larger than its price and size and another good feature about it is the over 12 hour’s long lasting battery capacity from just three hours of charge.

the Zvox SB500

Zvox SB500

The Bluetooth speaker has a lot of positive customer feedback and it is popular for the punch it packs. The Zvox is the type of speaker that can make feel the sound waves hitting you if you stand in front of it while it’s in use. It cost quite something though, at around $600.

the TDK Trek Max A34

TDK Trek Max A34

The wireless water and dust resistant device gives way back than the price attached to it. It packs many user friendly features and the highlight of it is its affordability. The Trek Max A34 is a very inviting device that has superb sound quality. Unlike some other devices also, It is readily available for purchase.

the Sony SRS-X5 compared

Sony SRS-X5

The device is in a Sony class of its own with its superb sound quality and Sony-like design. The SRS-X5 doesn’t suffer from the “dance-and-fall off” feature most Bluetooth speakers suffer, especially when at high volumes. The Sony SRS-X5 packs a digital sound quality that is better than device twice its price.

the Riva Audio Turbo X - white and black models

Riva Audio Turbo X


Riva Audio Turbo X

Some users' complain is that the Riva Turbo X is too costly, but the fact is, it isn’t costly for fun. The Turbo X projects sound like its shooting it out of the box, which makes the hearing quality the same for up to 20 – 30 feet away from the device. The battery life is also one of the highlights of the device.

the Bowers & Wilkins T7 bluetooth speaker

Bowers & Wilkins T7

The not so portable Bluetooth speaker is famous for its sound balancing and sound clarity. T7 allows you enjoy sound differentiation which isn’t a feature offered by most other Bluetooth speakers. The battery can give you over 15 straight hours of playback time, although it suffers a slight distortion at much higher volumes.

the Nyne Bass  Powerful Portable Bluetooth speaker

Nyne Bass


Nyne Bass

The Nyne bass doesn’t bear its name for no reason, as it’s actually one of the Bluetooth speakers that give the best bass output without holding much back. Thanks to its design also, the flat base of the speaker prevents it from vibrating as the quality sound projects. The Nyne bass surely lives up to expectation.

the Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom

Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom


Ultimate Ears' Megaboom

This list would be so incomplete in the absence of an Ultimate Ears’ device. The Megaboom is an older device to the more advanced Megaboom 2. The device has fantastic sound quality and a superb battery life. The Megaboom also boasts of ease-of-handling as it’s very portable with a mouth-watering battery life.

the Bose SoundLink Mini 2

Bose SoundLink Mini 2

The SoundLink Mini 2 sports obviously upgraded features from the SoundLink Mini, with better sound balance, sound clarity and general sound quality. The Bose SoundLink Mini has a crazy battery life owing to the fact that it kind of charges faster than most other Bluetooth speakers.

the JBL Charge 2

JBL Charge 2

Although the LED light that flashes from the speaker grille makes the device very distinct and inviting, you need to have a personal use of the JBL Charge 2 to really appreciate how much power is packed in the small cylindrical shaped device – Very sharp sound quality and rugged water-proof device.

the JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3


JBL Flip 3

I wouldn’t put tongue in cheek to say that this is one of the best portable Bluetooth devices in the very crowded Bluetooth speaker market. The Flip 3 is equipped with one of the best batteries and a very distinctive design. You can almost never go wrong with this one. What’s more? It’s around $100 makes it very much affordable, for a speaker of its design and feature.

the Bose SoundLink 3

Bose SoundLink iii


Bose SoundLink 3

If you've enjoyed most of Bose’s SoundLink Bluetooth devices, and you want an upgrade, the SoundLink 3 is that upgrade and if you have any complains about any of Bose’s previous products, the SoundLink 3 is the product that Bose hopes would settle the grudge and win your heart over. The SoundLink 3 improves on the flaws, features and overall performance of all the previous Bose Bluetooth devices combined.

the Skullcandy Air Raid

Skullcandy Air Raid


Skullcandy Air Raid

The design might look a bit like a military radio but when some confirmed durable Bluetooth speakers are called out the Skullcandy Air Raid can confidently show up. It is dust, snow, particles and water resistant. The sound vibe of the Skullcandy is very appealing at surprisingly, it comes in various colors.

the Nyne Aqua

Nyne Aqua


Nyne Aqua

This might be a surprise appearance but the Nyne Aqua was rated a lot last year as the best water resistant Bluetooth speaker, making it the choice device for those looking to take the party to the pool. The Nyne packs superb sound quality, is very affordable, and has an IP7 rating, which means it can survive up to half an hour in water, at up to 3 feet deep; theoretically.

the JBL Charge 2+

JBL Charge 2+


JBL Charge 2+

JBL knows there way in the business of making really attractive devices. The Charge 2+ sounds really fantastic with the wrap-around speaker grille reducing the sound output restriction on the speaker itself. The JBL Charge 2+ might be said to be a little bit pricey at over $150 but getting to know the device would clear any iota of scepticism.

The SoundLink Color BLUETOOTH speaker suits your style, with five colors to choose from

Bose SoundLink Color


Bose SoundLink Colour

According to some Bose customers, the SoundLink Color is designed to Bose’s female fans. I don’t agree with that though, as the summary of the SoundLink color is superb sound clarity and quality in a very attractive package. The battery life of the SoundLink Color would see using it for as much as 13 hours at medium volume before it runs out of juice. It is also very affordable at less than $150

Fluance Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Premium Wood Speaker System with aptX Enhanced Audio (Black Ash)

Fluance Fi50


Fluance Fi50

The device is not all that portable but it is only fair it rounds up this list. Fluance Fi50 if not for any other thing, delivers super quality sound for a device of its size and it’s under $200 price. The Fi50 connects to Bluetooth devices pretty fast and kicks out deep bass lines with surprising convenience. The speaker delivers excellent performance, giving you total value for your money.

The depth of your research or market survey would ultimately determine the product you’ll go for, but by and large, most of the new Bluetooth devices are upgraded versions of older models; so you almost cannot go wrong with the purchase of a newer model product.

Other Very Good Portable Bluetooth Speakers

You’ll find various other Bluetooth speaker reviews on our site and you use them as your buyer’s guide for that particular product or any other similar product you intend to purchase. Also, don’t overly trust random review sites, since reviewers get paid by brand representatives to give favourable review result to their product, in a bid to increase sales.

Bluetooth speakers are sure to wow you so you might want to take your time before coming to a conclusion. Once again, welcome to our review site.